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Kievan Rus had converted to Orthodox Christianity in 988.When Moscow liberated itself from the Tartar yoke in 1480, the modern Russian state was born.This is increasingly likely given that 25 per cent of Calgarians were born outside of Canada and presumably come from a different culture.In fact, for some of my young friends, cross-cultural romance is the norm.I asked Sarah if she had ever dated someone from another culture."Actually, I can't remember when I dated someone from my own culture," she replied.I asked Justin about the challenges of dating someone from another culture.Both regard themselves as chosen nations with a messianic mission, destined to bring their own versions of enlightenment to less fortunate people, They are both Nuclear powers.The countries both think BIG, are energetic and inventive.

I could hardly find anyone who wasn't in a relationship and who wasn't engaged in some serious PDA all over the place, complete with holding hands, wearing matching clothes, constantly uploading a super-couple-y profile picture on Facebook and so on.

It felt almost as though each person played their role in the perfect relationship, but could easily repeat it the following week with somebody else.

The most common cross-cultural experience for most of us is with members of the opposite sex.

In Europe both are both.” So how does this actually apply to the way relationships differ from each other in two continents whose inhabitants once belonged to the same culture?

Well, for one, it has obvious, superficial reasons, such as the typically super-white teeth and perfectly groomed appearances that Americans tend to have compared to their more natural-yet-not-necessarily-better-looking European counterparts.

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