Dating vw beetle block

With years under our belt and being recognized as one of the top selling new and certified Volkswagen dealers in the country, we like to think of ourselves as the oldest but wisest Volkswagen dealership in Kansas City.

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From 1954 to 1959 Australian Volkswagens were assembled from German CKD parts.

The components were made according to the German model year, but completion in Melbourne could often be up to six months later, due to the shipping time for the CKD crates to arrive in Melbourne, be railed to Clayton and unpacked, prepared, assembled and finished (joining with the various Australian-made components such as tyres, batteries, glass, paint, upholstery etc). The Australian factory did not use the German August-July production year.

If your case has no number at all, you have a newer case manufactured by an after-market supplier of replacement engines.

The engine that was originally installed in your VW at the factory, had an engine number stamped into the case, just below the generator stand.

This number consists of one or two letters followed by a series of numeric digits.

Now lest you get the idea from the headline that the treasure hunt is over; far from it.

Like all good trips, it’s not the destination, but the journey.

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