Homophily in online dating

Men, in contrast, do not have any problems to contact lower-qualified women.Studies of educational homogamy generally show that couples where women have a higher level of education are rare.The opposite of homophily is heterophily or intermingling.Homophily is a metric studied in the field of social network analysis in which it is also known as assortativity.

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The presence of homophily has been discovered in a vast array of network studies.Abstract Data from an online dating platform are used to study the importance of education for initiating and replying to online contacts.We analyse how these patterns are influenced by educational homophily and opportunity structures."Depending on the particular pair of users, these two factors may be at odds." The researchers analyzed three months worth of anonymous data from a popular dating site from September to November 2013.This included the profiles and clickstreams of 410,000 active users in 10 metropolitan areas.

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