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Its muscles, or what might be muscles, are rings and not strands.

It has no bones, or perhaps it does and she cannot feel them.

explains the psychology behind the behavioral streamline: “[T]ask-oriented millennial employees just want to know what to do; reading emotions can be an unhelpful chore.Entering by any other circumstance is perjury and can be punishable by law. Her Ins are the usual, eyes ears nostrils mouth cunt ass. Her Outs are also the common ones: fingers and hands and feet and tongue. Its skin is the color of dusk and covered with a clear thin slime that tastes of snot. She thinks it smells like wet leaves in winter, but after a time she cannot remember that smell, or leaves, or winter. There are dark slashes and permanent knobs that sometimes distend, but it is always growing new Outs, hollowing new Ins.

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