This girl i like is dating my friend

On the other side of the coin, I've told this guy (the jerk) that I liked him before. It just feel likes such a horrible circumstance, not only because my best friend, but because this guy that I also consider a friend hurting me this way. Yeah i know how you feel, basically the exact thing happened to me yesterday.Apparently he thought my other friend liked him - he told me this as an excuse as to why not to date me. I need help and probably some money for some self help books at this point... The guy and I liked each other but he suddenly stopped talking to me and is now dating one of my friends. There is someone so much better for you out there so keep your head up babe!If one of his friends gets the wrong idea and asks ou out politely say i dont want to ruin our friendship and say" you and(the guy you like ) are my two best friends, and i dont want to weaken that friendship.Be careful not to hurt this persons feelings in the long run you will want his acceptance of your relationship with your crush."I really want to kiss my girlfriend, but she says she doesn't want to.She explained that she wanted to wait till she was older. My other friend told me to dump her, but I still really like her. " "Is it normal for a person my age to be thinking about (obsessed) with romance? I've been writing a lot of poems and stories about love. Every night I listen to my favorite love songs while I daydream "Me and this boy went out for a year.Become friends with all his girl interests and be honest with them..not entirely open about your im sorry if this is confusin but im sure you know relationships are.

I think that she is going to break up with her boyfriend now and ask me out. And if she does, will a relationship starting off like that get anywhere? Last week one of my friends, another girl, started flirting with me and she won't stop no matter what.I just found out today that my best friend not only likes the guy I've told her I have liked for eight months, but she's DATING him.She says she's liked him for a long time too and she didn't want to hurt me, either, but really, waiting a whole day to "break the news" didn't help at... As the old saying goes, there are PLENTY of fish in the sea. Also, if this entire situation is present, that could also mean you did not have it in you to ask the girl on a date, and your friend did.No girl likes to be put into a situation where they can't figure things out. If he is truly your friend, he will back off, or at least give you a chance. Be flirty with his friends.can be jealous more than they let on.

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